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Getting an office Copier

When ordering paper supplies for your Departmental Copy Machines help the environment and request Green or Recycled Paper. Department Copy Machines will ensure you receive the best quality recycled paper. Using "Green" Environmentally Friendly Recycled Paper is a great way to say, "We care about the environment." Several departments are already using “Green” Recycled Paper with no complaints or problems.

Reasons to use Recycled Paper….

  • Today’s recycled copy paper is far superior to the first recycled paper introduced in the early 1990’s
  • It is 92 bright and opacity ratings exceed most office standards
  • Many are acid-free for archival longevity
  • Saves trees, energy, water, and landfill space
  • Protects forests, watersheds, ecosystems
  • Produces less pollution than virgin paper production
  • Offers environmental savings many times over, since fibers can be recycled repeatedly
  • Needs less bleaching than virgin papers; reduces use of toxic chemicals
  • Incorporates full-cycle production costs, unlike virgin paper which includes no responsibility for its eventual disposal costs

See information on Indiana University's sustainability program.

Other ways to use Recyclable Paper

White Paper

Copier paper, writing paper, memos, index cards, glossy computer printouts, bond copier paper, manuals without glue or plastic binder, notebook paper, manuals (remove plastic binder), correspondence, fax paper, brochures (remove labels).

Mixed Colors

Copier paper, writing paper, memos, index cards, NCR (no carbon), bond copier paper, dull computer printout, post-it notes, manila file folders, envelopes (remove cellophane), manuals (remove plastic binder), notebook paper (remove spiral), correspondence, fax paper, dull-paper brochures (label okay), red and white campus envelopes.


Newspapers, newspaper inserts.


Glossies, catalogs, college catalogs (glued).

Waste Reduction

Even before you recycle, reduce. Studies show that each office worker throws away an average of a half-pound of recyclable paper every day. How can we reduce the amount?


  • Use both sides of a piece of paper, and make double-sided copies.
  • Double-side class syllabi and handouts. Also class packets can be double-sided. Make request when ordering from copy store.
  • When making a purchase, think about the waste produced from excess packaging. If possible leave it at the store.


  • Request and order recycled products.
  • Make the most of your paper scraps. Have Maxi make scratch pads for your office.
  • Use reusable mugs instead of paper cups.
  • Reuse manila folders, hanging folders and envelopes



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