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Getting an office Copier


Are you considering installing an office copier for the first time, or replacing/upgrading your current office copier?
Let Copy Machines do the work for you!
In today’s working environment, copy needs and individual departmental copier requirements keep changing. Our staff is ready and able to provide you with copier pricing and information to assist you in making the best possible selection for your office. You will be asked to provide information as to the anticipated number of copies you will make each month, the number of staff using the copier, the type of material being copied, the budget amount set aside for the copier, and the type of features you may need, such as a document handler, duplexing, stapling, printing, etc.


Our vendors have quite an array of digital copiers to meet your needs. Digital copiers can be designed to be a copier, a copier/fax, a copier/printer, a copier/scanner or a copier/fax/printer/scanner, in many cases. You select the configuration of the equipment and the features to best meet your needs.


There are several price options from which to select. You may choose to lease or purchase your equipment. When you lease a copier, at the end of 36 months you will have a $1.00 buyout charge to own the copier.

Our Customer Service representatives are ready to assist you by:
Providing comprehensive copier proposals based on the information you have provided
Referring you to other Departments on campus that have had experience with the copier you are considering, or similar models.
Setting up a demonstration of the equipment for you by the vendor.


Once you have made a copier selection and it has been confirmed, we will further assist you by:
Submitting the proper paperwork to Purchasing to place the order with our vendors for rental/lease and maintenance contracts
Letting you know a tentative installation date
Making sure the proper supplies have been ordered for your copier
Confirming that the placement area has all of the appropriate outlets your copier requires (electrical, data, etc.)


After the copier has been installed, we will continue to assist you by:
Ordering supplies for your copier (see Obtaining Supplies for Your Copier)
Submitting all meter readings to the vendor (see Supplying your Monthly Meter Readings)
Handling all invoices related to your copier
Addressing any service issues that may arise and need resolution
Periodically reviewing your satisfaction with the copier's performance


Please contact us at 812-855-1282 or We're ready to help you with all your copier related needs.


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