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Office and Self Serve Copiers for Indiana University

Getting an office Copier


All copiers placed through Copy Machines also include a service/maintenance contract, which includes all toner and developer for your copier. To order these supplies, call us at (812) 855-2067 or send an email to as they are needed. Some maintenance contracts include paper also. If you're not sure what your maintenance contract covers call us and we can let you know.



  The following information is needed to complete your order:
  • Department name
  • Address - Building name and room number
  • Your name and phone number
  • Make and Model of copier
  • Serial number (or last four digits of s/n)
  • Some copiers have an Equipment ID (this would be on the front of the copier with the vendors name) Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, Savin and Ricoh's will have one.
  • You can order your staples and transparencie through us also and we can add the cost to the monthly billing for your copier.



IU Copy Machines  
Word of Caution: There are supply pirates out there that will call asking you to order supplies.
Copy Machines staff does not make these calls. See SUPPLY PIRATES for more information.







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