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Transfer Items to Surplus Stores -- IU Departments Only

Surplus Stores will pick up at “no charge” surplus items that your department no longer wants or needs. From three ring binders to office furniture to computers and electronic waste, we will take anything you have. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by telephone at 855-2475 or by email at

*Drop Offs: You are always welcome to drop your items off to us as long as this and any other appropriate completed forms are supplied with your items.

Please note: Surplus has just one truck and driver so if your pick up consists of items that are more than one employee can handle, please call IU Moving and Set-ups at 855-8728 and schedule them to move your items to Surplus Stores.

Additional Forms (If Applicable)

Computers: If any computers are included in this pickup order, please attach a signed copy of the "TRANSFER OF COMPUTING EQUIPMENT" form to the computers.

Capital Assets:  Any item being sent to Surplus Stores that has been deemed and tagged a “Capital Asset” must have the “Asset Transfer” documentation completed prior to delivery to Surplus Stores. If you are not sure if the item you are sending to Surplus is considered a Capital Asset please contact contact Capital Asset Management by email at for guidance.

*Required Fields
*Will your department be delivering the items to Surplus Stores?
*Room Number:
*Account Number:
Sub Account (If Needed):

*Capital Asset Tag#
*FIS Asset Transfer Document#
*If Applicable