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The IU Warehouse offers a secure shredding service to Bloomington university departments at a cost of $0.22 per pound. Items that can be shredded are paper (including paper clips and staples) CDs, Floppy discs, manila folders and cardboard. If you are interested in having your documents shredded through the IU Warehouse please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure your documents are handled properly and securely.

For confidential document destruction the IU Warehouse can supply departments with 96 gallon containers or 10 gallon console boxes. These are designed to keep confidential documents secured and are kept closed with a lock. Departments can order them through IU Surplus Transfer form for FREE delivery. The 96 gallon container is $35 for each request to empty. The 10 gallon console box is $15 for each request to empty.


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     Secure Shredding Guidelines
  • Each box has a weight limit of 70 pounds.
  • Boxes may not exceed the large banker box.
  • All boxes must be closed and sealed properly.
  • Account numbers must be listed on each box.
  • Paper must not be wet or moldy.
  • No trash bags, garbage cans or wire bindings. Large white recycle bags are accepted.
  • Customer is responsible for all transportation of goods, receiving hours 8:00-11:30am.
  • Warehouse must be notified in e-mail before delivery. Or use the IU Surplus Transfer form.(Appointment may be necessary.)

There are two ways to transport your documents to the IU Warehouse: you may use Moving and Setups through the IU Physical Plant or bring the boxed documents over yourself. Regardless of how the documents are transported please contact the warehouse to set up a time for receiving the documents at the warehouse dock.

UPDATE: Shredding services now comes with a new convenient way to have your doucments picked up. Departments can now arrange for IU Surplus to pick up your documents sooner at a convenient time, and a lower price.


All secure storage requests and secure shredding requests should be made by an authorized sender.





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